About Novellus Design
nō-vel'-us; Latin for new, young, fresh; origin of novel
Novellus Design is a Columbus Ohio based company specializing
in design and development of medical and consumer products.  
Novellus Design together with Novellus Fabrication provide a
seamless transfer from design to device.  

Novellus Design consists of two business platforms, each focused
on the needs of the medical and consumer industries:

  • Engineering Support for clients in New Product Design
    and Development.  Support spans from idea generation  to
    design and development, to prototype and test, to
    manufacturing ramp up.

  • Generation and commercialization of Novel Products.   
    The strategy for this platform involves developing products
    for a market with a need, and those of a new technology
    seeking a market.

Both of these business platforms are backed by more than three
decades of experience in the industry:

Innovation in Medical and Consumer Products
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