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More Reliable Drug Delivery
Infant inhalers are critical medical devices that parents rely on to ensure
that the proper amount of medicine is delivered to their children. Dose
variation and delivery efficiency are important characteristics of these
devices where the quality and size of the specific dose delivered is more
sensitive in children than it is in adults.

A research team at Battelle and BattellePharma, both of Columbus,
Ohio, has developed a new device that makes dramatic improvements
upon the existing technology to provide consistent drug dosages,
efficient drug delivery, and at a reasonable cost. When compared to
competitive devices, the Mystic Infant Inhaler has a dose variation of less
than 10% versus more than 15% on other devices. The delivery efficiency
(the amount of medicine the patient receives relative to the specified
dose) of the Mystic Infant Inhaler is greater than 80% compared to only
10% on current devices and about 60% for other still unavailable
emerging technologies. That means that infants get more consistent
dosages from dose to dose.

Other characteristics include a more consistent particle size in the mist
delivered to the patient, a more manageable device size (hand-held),
and cost substantially below that of other technologies ($6 vs $30 to

The design of the device is based on electrohydrodynamic (EHD)
aerosolization, a process that produces a cloud of uniformly sized
particles that are easily distributed to the lungs without the need for
propellants or other pressurized systems.
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