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Pulmonary Aerosol Delivery Device & Method:


A device and method for delivering an aerosolized liquid having
therapeutic properties to a user's lungs.  The compact and
convenient device includes a housing of such size that it can be
held in a user's one hand with an exit opening in the housing for
directing the aerosol to the user's mouth.  The housing encloses a
dispensing system for containing the liquid to be aerosolized and
delivering it to an electrohydrodynamic apparatus and an
electrohydrodynamic apparatus for aerosolizing the liquid and
delivering the aerosol to the exit opening.  The electrohydrodynamic
apparatus produces a cloud of aerosolized liquid droplets having a
monodispersed respirable droplet size and near zero velocity.  The
aerosolizing apparatus includes a plurality of spray sites each of
having a tip end, the spray sites cooperating with a charge source
to result in an aerosolized spray from at least one tip end, a plurality
of discharge electrodes downstream of the tip ends, and a plurality
of reference electrodes downstream of the plurality of discharge
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